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Canon Raises OP Forecast as Weaker Yen Spurs Camera Sales

Bloomberg: Canon's sales are strengthening as a weaker yen makes its cameras, including high-end models aimed at professionals and hobbyists, more competitive overseas. The Tokyo-based company is also cutting costs and has expanded into making medical ...
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Girardi doesn't expect fine for pushing camera

New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi doesn't expect to be fined for pushing a television camera to keep it from showing pitcher Michael Pineda walking in the tunnel from the team's dugout to the clubhouse on Wednesday night. Girardi pushed the camera at the corner of his dugout after Pineda was ejected in the second inning for having pine tar on the right side of his neck. The Boston Red Sox ...

Girardi doesn't expect fine for pushing camera

USA TODAY: BOSTON (AP) — New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi doesn't expect to be fined for pushing a television camera to keep it from showing pitcher Michael Pineda walking in the tunnel from the team's dugout to the clubhouse on Wednesday night.

Leopard steals a camera because, screw you humans and your cameras

Gizmodo: It has to be really annoying to be in your turf and have all these people come like the pest to take photos of you and leave crap around. If I were this leopard I would have stolen the camera, break it, and then poop on it. But I'm glad he didn't so we ...

Councilor wants APD lapel camera accountability

KRQE News 13: ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Albuquerque Police's challenge of recovering lapel camera video from the latest officer involved shooting that resulted in the death of 19-year old Mary Hawkes comes as some have pushed the idea of making lapel camera use a ...

Lytro Goes After Prosumer Photographers With New Camera

What else would you expect from a camera that was developed in Silicon Valley and used both photography expertise and a lot of fancy programming code? The first Lytro was capable of performing photography magic. You could take a picture as you would ...

Osprey battles Maryland authorities to build nest in front of traffic camera

Fox News: A small bird is ruffling the feathers of Maryland state officials as they battle a determined osprey that has been trying to build a nest in front of a traffic camera since last week. Maryland Transportation Authority reportedly removed a nest three ...

Galaxy K camera phone looks better than ever in latest leaked photos

Next Tuesday, Samsung will unveil the latest addition to its camera phone lineup, the Galaxy K, complete with new branding and a fresh look. We have seen a single image of the device in a previous leak, but it was difficult to determine the proportions of the device. Thankfully, new photos have appeared on Baidu showcasing the slim design of the Galaxy K, along with its 10x optical zoom lens ...


[New App] Sony Publishes Its Own Exclusive Background Defocus Camera App

Android Police: Taking the background in an image and blurring it is currently the big thing in mobile photography. HTC touted the feature when raving about the M8's duo camera. Google added a similar lens blur effect in the camera app it recently uploaded to the Play ...

Google files patent for camera in contact lens

Columbus Dispatch: The patent, which was reported by the website Patent Bolt, outlines a way that Google could fit a camera into a contact lens without drastically increasing its thickness. A camera on a contact lens could be used to collect data from users' surroundings ...

Google Eyes A Creepier Glass—A Camera-Bearing Contact Lens

ReadWrite: Imagine the Google Glass headgear, which currently makes some camera-shy onlookers nervous, shrinking down to near-invisibility—say, into a super-thin transparent layer that sits on the cornea. Google certainly has, as we now know from a recently ...

Google contact lens may have integrated camera, report says

CBS News: A so-called "image capture component," or simply just a camera, would process the image data to detect light, colors faces, motion and any other other information that could be calculated through one or more images. It may even include more than one ...

Google Camera intentionally makes your photos blurry

Good news for selfie addicts and photo enthusiasts: you can now take photos SLR-style photos with their Android smartphones, with a new camera app from Google. Software engineer Carlos Hernández said the new "Lens Blur" achieves an optical effect that would have required a big lens and aperture. "(Lens Blur is) a new mode in the Google Camera app (that) lets you take a photo with a shallow depth ...

Google Camera app simulates lens blur on camera phones

With the new Google Camera app, you can choose where your photo is focused after you shoot, and then dial in whatever amount of lens blur you like to separate the subject from the background. It's a very clever piece of software that simulates the 'bokeh' effect you get from using an expensive, large-sensor SLR camera and an expensive, wide aperture telephoto lens. .. Continue Reading Google ...

Google Adds SLR-Like Lens Blur To New Camera App

Yet another feature once only found in expensive SLR cameras is making its way to smartphones: the buttery background blur caused by wide-aperture lenses. Google is bringing a simulated version of this blur to Android phones worldwide.


SF homeless man documents life on street with GoPro cam

KGO-TV: SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- You've heard of the tiny GoPro cameras that have become best known for capturing great video of thrill seekers and dare devils around the world. But a new online project that launched Monday uses the compact cameras to ...


Get the most out of the Galaxy S5's camera

CNET: Get the most out of the Galaxy S5's camera. Explore the handful of new camera and photo-editing options featured in the Samsung Galaxy S5 that will give your photos that extra oomph. by Lynn La · @lynnlaaa; April 18, 2014 6:19 PM PDT. comments. 0.

Longtime iPhone devotee heaps praise on the Galaxy S5′s camera

BGR: iPhone fans are fanatically loyal to their favorite device but they can also give credit where it's due. iMore writer Allyson Kazmucha, who writes obsessively about how to get the most out of your iPhone and iPad, has conducted a very thorough camera ...

Get the most out of the Galaxy S5's camera

Explore the handful of new camera and photo-editing options featured in the Samsung Galaxy S5 that will give your photos that extra oomph.


How to Use the Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera: Everything You Need to Know

Gotta Be Mobile: This guide will show you how to use the Galaxy S5 camera app to take better looking photos, how to use the many modes and other tips and tricks you need to know about the new camera app. With the Samsung Galaxy S5 users have access to a range of ...


Five Excellent Android Camera Apps You May Have Missed

Yahoo News: Disclaimer: Yahoo Tech and Flickr are both owned by Yahoo, so we won't be including Flickr's fine Android camera app in this list. Google recently launched its Camera app in the Play store. The app, previously exclusive to Nexus and Google Play ...

The Best Features of Google's New Android Camera App

Yahoo News: This means you don't need a Google Nexus device to use the company's Android camera; you can download the camera just like any other app and replace the camera app that came with your phone — if, that is, you're running a device with Android 4.4 or ...

Google Releases Android Camera App With Selective Focus

Mashable: Google has released a standalone version of its stock camera app for Android— and it's a significant improvement on its predecessor. The new app, called simply Google Camera, features a new user interface with revamped shooting modes, as well as the ...

Google’s downloadable Android camera app gets bokeh with Lens Blur

Refocusing camera images after taking the picture is becoming all the rage on mobile devices. Google must agree since it has a new downloadable Google Camera app with a Lens Blur feature.

Google overhauls Android camera app with new interface and bokeh effects

KitKat device owners can download it now from the Play Store.

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